a large candelabra handmade from bronze wood stone and glass

a candelabra named David's pyre

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This candelabra is part of a  limited series created by artist Wendolyn Hammer. A mixed media sculpture on its own with the addition of candles this object of art becomes a functional piece of home decor. Wendolyn's  scavenger walks  throughout many New England estuaries and forests  have inspired her choice of materials in the creation of these candelabras. Materials are found brought back to the studio where they may sit for a long time waiting as inventory for the right idea to call upon it.  Many sketches, mock ups and contemplation are given to each design  before is finalized. Eventually wax is cast into bronze, wood, stone, iron and glass are incorporated. The final step of adding a  patina  to the bronze work results in a beautiful piece of sculpture. 

You  will find your imagination soaring and your mind engaged as you  gaze upon these sculptural candelabras. Enjoy them as an expression of your individual spirit and to celebrate life's events by lighting the candles!  18" x 14"