clouds in the trees brooch

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Unique one of a kind brooches, a contemporary pin, jewelry that stands out and shows your designer's taste for accessories. The brooches are made of what we call "wormy wood" because of a small beetle that dwells under the bark and makes amazing trails of design while eating away. But be assured they no longer inhabit the wood. The branches have long ago broken away from the mother tree, spent a bit of time floating in the salt waters of Great Bay and have come to rest on its shores. It is scavenged by the designer Wendolyn Hammer and used to make these one of a kind, unique brooches. We love these brooches because they are so light weight and can be worn in any direction and on anything. Pin to a sweater, lapel, tee shirt, your bag, scarf, hat...

Other elements in the brooches are Sterling Silver and springy, sturdy steel used for the pin stem so it does not bend. 4.25" long